Companies in all sectors which are more pro-actively attuned to the realities of the changes unfolding in human society and the natural world will outperform their competitors and represent a better medium-long-term investment option.
3 Laws Capital is a Cape Town-based, black-owned Investment Management Company with a unique focus on sustainable investing.

We combine traditional competencies and cutting edge expertise in the sustainability environment. Through our focus on identifying superior returns in a resource constrained world, we are positioned to take advantage on behalf of our clients of the transformation of the global economy over the next 20 years.

We will shortly be launching South Africa's first Climate Change Fund. The planetary-wide response to anthropogenic (man-made) climate change will affect all investments and the shift away from a carbon based economy is a mega trend that will impact every part of the global economy.

The Fund will invest in a variety of asset classes namely shares, bonds and cash both domestically and internationally. We thoroughly research companies not only from a resource efficient perspective (in partnership with Osmosis), but also from an opportunity, mitigation and adaptation perspective within the context of the impact of the climate agenda on value creation. Future-proofing a portfolio through a long term systemic perspective is vital to create short and long-term returns in an increasingly unstable global system.